Charlton Carlos Lester & Omnitech: Free Education for Community

When Charlton Carlos Lester founded Omnitech in 1998, his original goal was to build an institution that would empower men and women in Atlanta to pursue careers in technical fields. Though it was a daunting challenge, Charlton Carlos Lester overcame it. Today, thousands of adults in technical fields have Lester and Omnitech to thank for helping them get their start.

After a few years, however, Lester caught a vision for doing something more – something bigger – in the community. He had been successful in bringing educational opportunities to those who could pay, but what about those who couldn’t afford to? Inspired to take on yet another challenge in the education field, Charlton Carlos Lester and Omnitech began exploring ways that they could improve the community at large. Here are a few of the things they came up with:

Free GED Courses: Good performance on the GED (a standardized exam for college graduates seeking graduate school admission) is very important for college students who wish to further their education. Like many other standard exams, the GED is expensive to take. Courses that help prepare students for this test can cost thousands of dollars. When Charlton Carlos Lester recognized what a strain GED preparation could be on students’ budgets, he decided to offer free GED prep courses through Omnitech Institute. Also, Omnitech reviews new technology and studies often to keep their curriculum and course offerings up to date.

Free Tutoring: Many students need just a little one-on-one attention with an instructor in order to grab hold of a concept. However, not all schools in the Atlanta area are as equipped as Omnitech for offering this one-on-one time. That’s why Omnitech Institute reviews different learning methods and then applies them to students in the community so they can become the best students possible.

Free Study Sessions: Lastly, Charlton Carlos Lester implemented free study sessions in the community to increase opportunities.



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