Omnitech Institute Founder Charlton Carlos Lester Proud of Graduates

Any educator can tell you that the most rewarding experience in the world is seeing a former student become successful as a result of the hard work you put in as their teacher. For Charlton Carlos Lester, the founder and President of Omnitech Institute in the metro-Atlanta, GA area, this experience is one he’s been fortunate enough to enjoy time and time again.

Charlton Carlos Lester doesn’t pick favorites amongst his students. Like any experienced teacher, Lester realizes that every student has his own unique strengths – some of which are never seen in the classroom, but flourish years later in the professional world.

Out of all of his students from the last 15 years, there have been several who have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success. For Charlton Carlos Lester, this success is a great source of personal pride. While Lester recognizes that every Omnitech graduate achieves his own success as a result of his (the student’s) own hard work and talent, there’s still a certain amount of pride that swells in Lester’s chest whenever he hears of a student’s individual successes.

Charlton Carlos Lester has recently been thrilled to learn of the successes of Kevin Seveur and Octerius Ware. Seveur was one of several students who graduated from Omnitech Institute and went on to found million dollar companies. Like many Omnitech students, Seveur studied I.T. and entrepreneurialism. Charlton Carlos Lester, who taught several of Seveur’s courses, believes that these studies at Omnitech helped contribute to Seveur’s subsequent successes.

Octerius Ware is another Omnitech graduate who got his start in the information technologies field. Ware is a high-level Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) who has been earning more than six figures for years, a fact that Charlton Carlos Lester is particularly excited to hear.

Charlton Carlos Lester is honored to have personally trained both students.


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