Charlton Carlos Lester: Developing a Work Ethic for Success

When Charlton Carlos Lester was born in Paterson, New Jersey, he entered the world as another member of a large, poor family. His opportunities were limited, and even those who didn’t know the statistics could easily divine his destiny to remain below the poverty line. Charlton Carlos Lester, however, refused to allow himself to be defined by the statistics. Lester believed in something that transcends demographics and the sociologist’s charts and tables: the value of hard work.

As a young man, Charlton Carlos Lester took whatever job he could to begin building a future for himself. He pursued any and all educational opportunities that came his way with a vigor that none of his peers could rival. When it came to tales of self-improvement and hard work, the name of Charlton Carlos Lester was always on the tip of his acquaintances’ tongue.

In 1998, Lester’s hard work paid off when he gathered enough funds to found Omnitech Institute in Decatur, Georgia. For Lester, Omnitech was the realization of a dream that was a long time in the making. Through Omnitech Institute, other hardworking people like Charlton Carlos Lester would be able to better their opportunities in the future.

If you want to develop a serious work ethic like Charlton Lester’s, consider these tips from the Omnitech Institute’s founder and president:


  • Hard work starts with self-confidence. No one else can give you self-confidence. It’s up to you to create goals for yourself and achieve them. This is the only way to build true self-confidence that does not have its roots in any other person or thing.
  • Without falling prey to arrogance, continue to bolster your self-confidence by achieving more than you thought possible.
  • Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you what your limitations are. Prove them wrong. Do it again.

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