Omnitech Founder Charlton Carlos Lester & the American Dream

When Charlton Carlos Lester was growing up in Paterson, New Jersey, he had no idea how his life would turn out. He came from humble means, trying to make his own way from a large, poor family that didn’t provide much in the way of options. While many of his peers were finding themselves trapped below the poverty level, Charlton Carlos Lester decided to become the master of his own fate.

With a passion for academics, success, and the American Dream, Charlton Carlos Lester decided at an early age that he was going to make the most of every opportunity that came his way. Hard working and ambitious, Lester fought for his education. Soon enough, he began to realize the benefits of a strong education. Lester decided that he wanted others to know those benefits, too.

In 1998, Charlton Carlos Lester founded Omnitech Institute in Decatur, Georgia, a part of the metro-Atlanta area. He began making his dream a reality, helping one student at a time. In the early days of Omnitech, there were few resources and even fewer teachers. For years, Charlton Carlos Lester was working around the clock, fulfilling roles as Omnitech’s primary teacher, President, and CEO. The work was grueling, but extraordinarily rewarding.

As the school grew, one student at a time, Charlton Carlos Lester began seeking out governmental and industry certifications for Omnitech. By earning various accreditations, Charlton Carlos Lester was able to increase the value of his students’ degrees, thereby improving their future opportunities.

Slowly but surely, Lester’s ideal of the American Dream was coming true for him. More importantly, Charlton Carlos Lester saw his dream come true from graduates of Omnitech Institute. His graduates were going on to the land of opportunity and lucrative salaries, leaving behind the poverty of their collective past. Today, Charlton Carlos Lester continues to work hard for these same noble goals.



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