Charlton Carlos Lester & Omnitech Institute: Nationally Accredited

When it comes to accreditations, Charlton Carlos Lester and Omnitech Institute have plenty of them. As a fast-rising tech school in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area, it’s essential to have plenty of accreditations behind your name. However, few accreditations are more important to Charlton Carlos Lester than the National-level accreditation that Omnitech Institute received on September 23, 2003.

This accreditation was reaffirmed for Charlton Carlos Lester in 2009, and received a special commendation as a result. The report filed about Omnitech Institute reviews some of the institution’s strengths in leadership, management, and training.

According to the ‘Reaffirmed Accreditation’ report, the team that investigated into Omnitech Institute found “exemplary management skills” as well as a “personal interest in the content and delivery of instruction.” These admirable qualities were further commented upon by the report’s authors, who commended the institution’s chief administrator, Charlton Carlos Lester.

The story of the accreditation and Omnitech’s other recent successes are summated in this article from On Common Ground. As Omnitech continues to grow, founder and leader Charlton Carlos Lester has an even stronger desire to see his school obtain significant reputation-boosting accreditations. Omnitech reviews new technology and studies often to keep their curriculum and course offerings up to date.

If you have an institution for which you’re trying to secure accreditations, Charlton Carlos Lester has the following recommendations:

  • Don’t focus on titles; focus on internal excellence. High-level national accreditations come naturally to institutions like Omnitech that are focused on excellence. There are no long-lasting “shortcuts” to becoming a nationally accredited institution.
  • Prioritize students above professional organizations and memberships. When your passion for students shines forth, other organizations and professional groups will be knocking on your door – not the other way around, believes Charlton Carlos Lester. Don’t forget what’s really important.

Have some tips of your own? Share them with the Omnitech Institute and other fast-growing technical institutes below!


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