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Omnitech: Building a Military Friendly School

In 1998, Charlton Carlos Lester decided to do big things in the Atlanta community. Passionate about education and creating opportunities for others, Lester decided that he wanted to form a technical school (Omnitech Institute). However, the technical school was not going to be overly commercialized. Instead, Lester wanted to be sure that his school would be able to make a difference in the lives of real people. One of the groups that Charlton Carlos Lester targeted, in particular, was the military.

Though the United States military offers its men and women some great educational programs, some veterans end their years of service and feel at a loss when it comes to developing a new career. With the fast-paced nature of the technological world, it’s easy to get left behind in the dust if you are out of the loop for a few years. Omnitech reviews new technology and studies often to keep their curriculum and course offerings up to date.

Charlton Carlos Lester recognized this issue with veterans especially. In order to better serve veterans, Lester had Omnitech Institute certified by the Veterans Administration to administer G.I. Bill and Post-9/11 Former Military and Veterans Training.

He didn’t stop there with his military friendly efforts. In 2000, just two short years after Omnitech was founded, Lester’s school was selected from 22 applicants to administer training to soldiers at Fort McPherson Military Base, which, at the time, was under Top Secret clearance.

This intentional outreach to veterans and members of the military resulted in Omnitech being certified by G.I. Jobs magazine as a “Military Friendly School.” A letter from the magazine’s publisher, Rick McCormack, informed Charlton Carlos Lester of the criteria that the magazine had used to filter through more than 8,000 schools. A press release about the success stated, “This honor ranks Omnitech in the top 20% of all colleges, universities, and trade schools nationwide, placing Omnitech Institute amongst the elite!”

Charlton Lester hopes to continue aiding the military with his school.



Charlton Carlos Lester & Omnitech: Free Education for Community

When Charlton Carlos Lester founded Omnitech in 1998, his original goal was to build an institution that would empower men and women in Atlanta to pursue careers in technical fields. Though it was a daunting challenge, Charlton Carlos Lester overcame it. Today, thousands of adults in technical fields have Lester and Omnitech to thank for helping them get their start.

After a few years, however, Lester caught a vision for doing something more – something bigger – in the community. He had been successful in bringing educational opportunities to those who could pay, but what about those who couldn’t afford to? Inspired to take on yet another challenge in the education field, Charlton Carlos Lester and Omnitech began exploring ways that they could improve the community at large. Here are a few of the things they came up with:

Free GED Courses: Good performance on the GED (a standardized exam for college graduates seeking graduate school admission) is very important for college students who wish to further their education. Like many other standard exams, the GED is expensive to take. Courses that help prepare students for this test can cost thousands of dollars. When Charlton Carlos Lester recognized what a strain GED preparation could be on students’ budgets, he decided to offer free GED prep courses through Omnitech Institute. Also, Omnitech reviews new technology and studies often to keep their curriculum and course offerings up to date.

Free Tutoring: Many students need just a little one-on-one attention with an instructor in order to grab hold of a concept. However, not all schools in the Atlanta area are as equipped as Omnitech for offering this one-on-one time. That’s why Omnitech Institute reviews different learning methods and then applies them to students in the community so they can become the best students possible.

Free Study Sessions: Lastly, Charlton Carlos Lester implemented free study sessions in the community to increase opportunities.

Omnitech Institute: The Importance of Community Involvement

When Charlton Carlos Lester founded Omnitech Institute fifteen years ago, his main objective was creating educational opportunities for adults who wanted to enter into technical fields. Though the work was tough and the challenges were great, Charlton Carlos Lester successfully accomplished his goal. Now, in 2013, he continues to offer education opportunities through Omnitech Institute.

However, for some people in the Atlanta area, education isn’t a realistic opportunity for the immediate future. For many people, a bigger priority is finding a place to sleep or putting food on the table. Charlton Carlos Lester is a big believer in investing the resources of Omnitech Institute into making these opportunities come alive.

In recent years, Omnitech Institute has offered food drives, free health screenings, and partnered with homeless shelters as well as local battered women’s shelters. This kind of community involvement is something that Charlton Carlos Lester and Omnitech prioritize along with excellence in education.

If you’re looking for ways that you can get involved with your community, Charlton Carlos Lester has the following suggestions:


  • Find something your passionate about. Volunteering in your community isn’t always going to be the easiest thing in the world. After all, there are going to be some days or weeks when you just don’t feel like driving to the soup kitchen. However, when you’re volunteering for a cause that you’re passionate about, it’s much easier to do!
  • Next, find a friend who will volunteer with you. Omnitech partners with its “friends” in the community. Charlton Carlos Lester believes you should, too! It’s a good way to keep yourself accountable.
  • Start small with your time commitment, and work your way up. Don’t sign up for 10 hours per week on the first week, or you’ll get burnt out on community involvement!
  • Don’t give up!

Charlton Carlos Lester: How Education at Omnitech Changes Lives

Charlton Carlos Lester is a big believer in education. In fact, his belief in education is so strong that in 1998 he founded Omnitech Institute in Decatur, Georgia in order to change the lives of adults in the metro-Atlanta area. A short time after founding Omnitech, he received accreditation from the U.S. Department of Education. Since that time, Omnitech has produced thousands of graduates who are changing the world in the fields of technology, entertainment, business, and more.

Charlton Carlos Lester believes that education can impact lives in some major ways. Here are just a few examples of how Omnitech graduates have impacted the world around them:


  • Omnitech specializes in information technology (IT) systems. Though the face of IT has dramatically changed since the late ‘90s, the significance of IT has remained unchanged. Omnitech IT graduations have been involved in fields ranging from accounting to healthcare. The work of Omnitech graduates in the healthcare industry has helped make drugs and healthcare more affordable for those who need them. Also, better organization of healthcare records has saved countless lives.
  • Many recent IT graduates have moved into the field of audio engineering. Charlton Carlos Lester is a big believer in the role of audio engineering and art in the world. Lester, like many of the students in his new Digital Media Program, believes that art is an essential part of the modern world. Graduates from Omnitech’s audio engineering program have been able to record and propagate culturally significant art/music that would have otherwise gone unheard.
  • By founding Omnitech, Charlton Carlos Lester was able to create an education opportunity for thousands of students. Many of these students, in turn, have been able to create jobs for thousands more. As someone who comes from an impoverished background, Charlton Carlos Lester understands the value of a job and the power education has to create jobs.

Omnitech Institute Founder Charlton Carlos Lester Proud of Graduates

Any educator can tell you that the most rewarding experience in the world is seeing a former student become successful as a result of the hard work you put in as their teacher. For Charlton Carlos Lester, the founder and President of Omnitech Institute in the metro-Atlanta, GA area, this experience is one he’s been fortunate enough to enjoy time and time again.

Charlton Carlos Lester doesn’t pick favorites amongst his students. Like any experienced teacher, Lester realizes that every student has his own unique strengths – some of which are never seen in the classroom, but flourish years later in the professional world.

Out of all of his students from the last 15 years, there have been several who have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success. For Charlton Carlos Lester, this success is a great source of personal pride. While Lester recognizes that every Omnitech graduate achieves his own success as a result of his (the student’s) own hard work and talent, there’s still a certain amount of pride that swells in Lester’s chest whenever he hears of a student’s individual successes.

Charlton Carlos Lester has recently been thrilled to learn of the successes of Kevin Seveur and Octerius Ware. Seveur was one of several students who graduated from Omnitech Institute and went on to found million dollar companies. Like many Omnitech students, Seveur studied I.T. and entrepreneurialism. Charlton Carlos Lester, who taught several of Seveur’s courses, believes that these studies at Omnitech helped contribute to Seveur’s subsequent successes.

Octerius Ware is another Omnitech graduate who got his start in the information technologies field. Ware is a high-level Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) who has been earning more than six figures for years, a fact that Charlton Carlos Lester is particularly excited to hear.

Charlton Carlos Lester is honored to have personally trained both students.

Charlton Carlos Lester: Developing a Work Ethic for Success

When Charlton Carlos Lester was born in Paterson, New Jersey, he entered the world as another member of a large, poor family. His opportunities were limited, and even those who didn’t know the statistics could easily divine his destiny to remain below the poverty line. Charlton Carlos Lester, however, refused to allow himself to be defined by the statistics. Lester believed in something that transcends demographics and the sociologist’s charts and tables: the value of hard work.

As a young man, Charlton Carlos Lester took whatever job he could to begin building a future for himself. He pursued any and all educational opportunities that came his way with a vigor that none of his peers could rival. When it came to tales of self-improvement and hard work, the name of Charlton Carlos Lester was always on the tip of his acquaintances’ tongue.

In 1998, Lester’s hard work paid off when he gathered enough funds to found Omnitech Institute in Decatur, Georgia. For Lester, Omnitech was the realization of a dream that was a long time in the making. Through Omnitech Institute, other hardworking people like Charlton Carlos Lester would be able to better their opportunities in the future.

If you want to develop a serious work ethic like Charlton Lester’s, consider these tips from the Omnitech Institute’s founder and president:


  • Hard work starts with self-confidence. No one else can give you self-confidence. It’s up to you to create goals for yourself and achieve them. This is the only way to build true self-confidence that does not have its roots in any other person or thing.
  • Without falling prey to arrogance, continue to bolster your self-confidence by achieving more than you thought possible.
  • Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you what your limitations are. Prove them wrong. Do it again.

Omnitech Founder Charlton Carlos Lester & the American Dream

When Charlton Carlos Lester was growing up in Paterson, New Jersey, he had no idea how his life would turn out. He came from humble means, trying to make his own way from a large, poor family that didn’t provide much in the way of options. While many of his peers were finding themselves trapped below the poverty level, Charlton Carlos Lester decided to become the master of his own fate.

With a passion for academics, success, and the American Dream, Charlton Carlos Lester decided at an early age that he was going to make the most of every opportunity that came his way. Hard working and ambitious, Lester fought for his education. Soon enough, he began to realize the benefits of a strong education. Lester decided that he wanted others to know those benefits, too.

In 1998, Charlton Carlos Lester founded Omnitech Institute in Decatur, Georgia, a part of the metro-Atlanta area. He began making his dream a reality, helping one student at a time. In the early days of Omnitech, there were few resources and even fewer teachers. For years, Charlton Carlos Lester was working around the clock, fulfilling roles as Omnitech’s primary teacher, President, and CEO. The work was grueling, but extraordinarily rewarding.

As the school grew, one student at a time, Charlton Carlos Lester began seeking out governmental and industry certifications for Omnitech. By earning various accreditations, Charlton Carlos Lester was able to increase the value of his students’ degrees, thereby improving their future opportunities.

Slowly but surely, Lester’s ideal of the American Dream was coming true for him. More importantly, Charlton Carlos Lester saw his dream come true from graduates of Omnitech Institute. His graduates were going on to the land of opportunity and lucrative salaries, leaving behind the poverty of their collective past. Today, Charlton Carlos Lester continues to work hard for these same noble goals.